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Accelerate your local broadband ambitions.

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Communities across the country are rallying together to build their own broadband networks to ensure universal access to information and boost self reliance. Join the movement today!

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Why build a community-owned broadband network?

Secure, stable access to information via the Internet — our global brain — is the fresh water equivalent of our time. A reliable, affordable Internet connection has become an essential public good for communities fighting to keep pace with the ever-changing economic, social and environmental landscape.

Open access community networks have transformative impact.
Generates local tax revenue
Lowers internet prices
Creates jobs
Enhances education opportunities
Unlocks economic development
Provides equal and open access

Summon the power of public finance to shape community
broadband projects on your terms.

Democratize access

* Information above is for illustrative purposes, and does not reflect an actual bond offering.

Democratize access to your broadband network.

Empower residents to be directly invested in the build out of your community's broadband network.

Community marketing

Build a movement with multi-channel community marketing.

Successful community broadband networks require sufficient take rates for the service. You can leverage customized digital and physical marketing assets tailored to your community.

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