The Broadband
Opportunity Fund

Reduce the digital divide.
Earn enhanced returns.

Your Capital at Work Driving Community Vitality

Invest in open access fiber broadband networks for communities, and generate competitive, tax-advantaged returns.

Our focused, technology-powered strategy screens and selects attractive Opportunity Zone investments in line with your financial and impact goals.

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Why Broadband Infrastructure?

Fiber-optic broadband networks are the 21st century bridges to economic opportunity; critical for the economic and innovation output of our nation, and the essential foundation for every future-ready community.

$130 billion is the estimated investment necessary to connect 19 million Americans without fixed broadband service at threshold speeds, and to upgrade old copper lines to the fiber optic infrastructure essential for powerful, reliable connectivity, smart city applications, and wireless technologies like 5G.

QOF Calculator

15 years
Neighborly QOF $7,934,762 • 14.81%
Non-QOF $4,906,092 • 11.19%

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The Neighborly Difference

Technology-led Process

Investment opportunities selected to maximize impact and returns

Industry Experts

Wall Street veterans, Silicon Valley product teams, and government alums

Unique Network Model

Community-facing campaigns drive network adoption and profitability before capital deployment