Invest in Chebeague Island broadband

Fund your more connected future and transform your community.
Join us and highlight the power of local investment in public projects.

A broadband movement is happening on Chebeague Island, and you can be part of it.

Neighborly municipal broadband

Chebeague Island is committed to building a community broadband network; it's a bold vision and one that Chebeague Island recognizes as essential to competing in a 21st century economy.

Summon the power of public finance to shape the project on your terms.

Neighborly democratizing access to bond offerings

Democratizing access to bond offerings.

We can make bonds available directly to Chebeague Island residents and lower the denominations — in this case to $1,000 — empowering you to invest directly in the build out of your municipal broadband network.

Neighborly building a movement

Build a movement with community marketing.

Successful municipal broadband networks require there to be enough users. Chebeague Island and its residents can use customized digital and physical marketing assets to generate excitement and sign-ups.

Why build a municipal broadband network?
Connectivity is a fundamental right. Fast, reliable Internet is essential to unlock opportunity in today's economy. Municipal broadband networks are the 21st century bridge that spur economic development, advance research, encourage innovation and create new growth opportunities for residents and businesses.
Municipal broadband transforms communities.
Generates local tax revenue
Lowers internet prices
Creates jobs
Enhances education opportunities
Unlocks economic development
Provides equal and open access

Neighborly and Municipal Broadband

Commentary from Neighborly and industry experts on the future of municipal broadband.

Municipal broadband in the news

The Secret Savior of Net Neutrality?

- The Ringer, December 2017

*Many bond issuances for broadband are exempt from federal and state income tax for investors who live in that state. Always check the bond documents for details about the specific issuance you are investing in. Each investor has their own unique tax implications. Please consult your tax professional for further information.

Securities will only be offered through Neighborly Securities, member FINRA, SIPC and registered with MSRB pursuant to a preliminary and final official statement to be made available during the offering period. This information does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. You will be responsible for making your own independent investigation and appraisal of the risks, benefits andsuitability of any securities to be offered. Neighborly Securities is not making any recommendation or giving any investment advice. For information about the risks of investing in municipal bonds, please refer to the section titled "Understanding Risk" contained in our FAQ page.