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Earn tax-exempt income* by investing in housing

Housing projects funded by municipal bonds are helping convert multi-family housing complexes into energy-efficient affordable housing, build senior living facilities and build and acquire housing units for lower-income families. Invest in the future of your community and the country.

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Past projects funded by housing bonds

Green Bonds for Affordable Housing

Green bonds have helped New York take over housing developments in Oneida, Westchester and Kings counties. These multi-family housing complexes are being converted into affordable housing. They are also being upgraded with energy-efficient features, meeting ENERGY STAR standards and qualifying as "low carbon buildings." The path to energy efficiency and independence is being funded through these Green Bonds.

Housing for Low-Income Families

Providing affordable housing for low-income families is especially important in places with a high cost of living. That's why some those municipalities routinely build and acquire housing units to ensure lower-income families have a place to call home. States like California and New York have massive statewide and local funding for low-income housing, and municipal bonds help keep those public lifelines in place.

Senior Housing Communities

The City of Wayzata, Minnesota is just one of several municipalities to answer the call for affordable senior living facilities.They built a 254-unit senior housing unit, and the surrounding retail space, thanks to over $75 million in bond funding. That's a project that was made possible with investment from people just like you.

*Many bond issuances for housing are exempt from federal and state income tax for investors who live in that state. Always check the bond documents for details about the specific issuance you are investing in. Each investor has their own unique tax implications. Please consult your tax professional for further information.

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