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Support the great city of Lawrence, earn interest and invest for the future by buying municipal bonds issued by the City. Sign up below to be among the first to know about this investment opportunity.

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The City of Lawrence is working with Neighborly* to offer the chance to invest in Lawrence by buying municipal bonds. Bond proceeds from the first issuance will support the purchase of a new fire truck for the Lawrence-Douglas Fire Medical Department, which serves the City of Lawrence.

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For additional information please visit the City of Lawrence Finance Department webpage or the City of Lawrence Investor Relations webpage.

To learn more about municipal bonds, please visit the Neighborly learning center.

Past projects funded by Lawrence bonds

Parks and Recreation

Through the purchase of municipal bonds, residents of Lawrence have improved local parks and contributed to the development of recreation centers like Rock Chalk Park Sports Pavilion. Improvements to bike trails like Burroughs Creek have allowed locals to explore the beauty of the city since 2010.

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Public Safety and Sanitation

Funded by municipal bond investments, improvements to streets and roadways, as well as to firetrucks and fire safety equipment have helped keep residents safe, while wastewater treatment facilities and new sanitation systems keep the city of Lawrence clean.

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Public Buildings

Municipal bonds have enabled the rehabilitation and preservation of public buildings like the Lawrence Municipal Airport (est. 1929) and the Carnegie Building, which keep the history of Lawrence alive.

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