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You can invest in a diverse set of projects in Los Angeles by buying municipal bonds through Neighborly. Bonds support projects ranging from schools and parks to bridges and highways, all critical to the development of communities and the state.

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Past projects funded by Los Angeles bonds

Housing for the Homeless

Homelessness has been a growing problem for Los Angeles, and one proven solution is the construction of supportive housing units. A bond measure passed in 2016 means 1,000 new supportive housing units will be built each year for 10 years. These units will help get people off the streets and provide services like addiction counseling and job training.

LAUSD Expansion

In the 1990s, LA schools were overcrowded to the point where students were being involuntarily bused to out-of-district schools and forced into a year-round school schedule. But in 1997, the city passed Proposition BB, the first of many construction bonds to revitalize the LA Unified School District with 131 new school campuses over the next 20 years, the largest school construction project in U.S. history.

LA River Revitalization

The LA River Revitalization project has several aims. A primary goal is habitat restoration and environmental cleanup. But in cleaning and preserving the river itself, the project also aims to provide new parks, trails, and community access points for recreational use.

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