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Earn tax-exempt income while investing in Nebraska

Earn tax-exempt income while investing in Nebraska.

You can invest in a diverse set of projects in Nebraska by buying municipal bonds through Neighborly. Bonds support projects ranging from schools and parks to bridges and highways, all critical to the development of communities and the state.

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Past projects funded by Nebraska bonds

UNL's Centralized Renewable Energy System

The CRES is an innovative energy facility that manages to heat and cool the Nebraska Innovation Campus without using steam boilers or water chillers. The facility exchanges thermal energy with treated wastewater at a nearby plant to generate sustainable heating and cooling year round.

Children's Hospital & Medical Center

Omaha Nebraska's Children's Hospital and Medical Center is the only independent children's hospital in the state, and it relies in bond funding for major capital projects and expansions.

Water and Sanitary Facilities

Nebraska's waterways are important for the state's drinking water supply and its irrigation for agriculture. Bond-funded improvements and maintenance on water facilities help keep those waterways clean and safe for everyone to use.

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