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The City of Portland is considering working with Neighborly to offer the chance to invest in Portland infrastructure through municipal bonds. Sign up to express interest and stay up-to-date on a potential future issuance bonds for future infrastructure projects.

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Past project funded by Portland bonds

New elementary school

The design, construction, furnishing and equipping of a new elementary school to replace the agin Hall Elementary School. This new $30 million school will have room for 558 students and will be certified as a green building.

Paving preservation and rehab

The maintenance of roads is a basic but critical and under-appreciated function of localities. In a recent issuance, Portland used almost $3M for the upkeep of its roads.

Tennis court renovations

The tennis courts in Argay Park were falling into disarray. Thanks to the Parks Replacement Bond, passed by Portlanders in 2014, the parks tennis courts were restored and are today enjoyed by many tennis enthusiasts.

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