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You can invest in a diverse set of projects in Sacramento by buying municipal bonds through Neighborly. Bonds support projects ranging from schools and parks to bridges and highways, all critical to the development of communities and the state.

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Past projects funded by Sacramento bonds

Water Reservoirs and Storage

With the frequency of serious droughts and water shortages, Sacramento has frequently used bonding to mitigate these issues. These projects aim to create reservoirs that will ease the consequences of the next drought so that restrictions aren't as tough.

Parkway Remodeling

In 2014 and 2015, Parkway Elementary school used bond funding to create some much-needed upgrades. A remodeled bathroom, new concrete and paving, new roof canopy, a window wall, and fencing were among the upgrades, as well as repairing water damage.

North Natomas Library

California's passage of the 2000 Proposition 14 granted bond money for public libraries and literacy programs. The construction of the North Natomas Library resulted from this Proposition, which offers over 100,000 items for check out, as well as 120 public-access computer terminals.

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