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You can invest in a diverse set of projects in San Francisco by buying municipal bonds through Neighborly. Bonds support projects ranging from schools and parks to bridges and highways, all critical to the development of communities and the state.

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Past projects funded by San Francisco bonds

City College of San Francisco

The City College of San Francisco has used bond funding in the past to increase student access to educational resources like computer technologies and biomedical resources. They've also used bond funding to build new campuses, eliminate the use of portable buildings, creating neighborhood classes, and bolstering the performing arts.

Lake Merced Improvement Project

The Lake Merced Improvement Project grew out of San Francisco's 2012 Parks Bond. The project aims to improve recreation in the park with new walking trails and fitness equipment, but also is meant to protect the environment with habitat preservation and erosion control measures.

Earthquake Safety

San Francisco can't do anything to stop an earthquake from happening. But they are using bond funding to make sure building are properly retrofitted, and disaster response is swift and effective. These safeguarding measures, and the disaster response ability of San Francisco's first responders, aim to ensure maximum safety and minimal casualties in any disaster situation.

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