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Water projects funded by municipal bonds are helping build infrastructure to tap into new water sources, improve processes to deal with water treatment and pioneer green infrastructure to create more sustainable and resilient communities. Invest in the future of your community and the country.

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Past projects funded by water bonds

Developing New Water Sources

The City of San Antonio, Texas used bond funding to expand and improve water delivery to residents of San Antonio, and throughout the state of Texas. By finding and treating new sources of potable water, particularly new wells, San Antonio can now treat and deliver more water than the city needs. This, in turn, has allowed San Antonio to deliver the excess water to regions experiencing water shortages.

Water Treatment Expansion and Improvement

Ensuring clean drinking water is a vital job that we entrust our governments and municipalities with. Maintenance of water treatment plants to ensure they're operating at sufficient capacity is fundamental to this effort. So when the Miners Ranch treatment plant in Oroville, California started operating at less than full capacity during population expansion, they looked to bond funding to build an expansion to the plant and also upgrade the existing facilities.

Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure methods of water treatment are growing in popularity and practicality. New Jersey has approved nearly $24 million in Green Bonds for incentivizing the construction of green infrastructure. These are highly-localized efforts, geared towards service areas of less than 500 customers, known as "Small Water System Projects."

*Many bond issuances for water projects are exempt from federal and state income tax for investors who live in that state. Always check the bond documents for details about the specific issuance you are investing in. Each investor has their own unique tax implications. Please consult your tax professional for further information.

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