Barstow Unified School District
Election of 2016
General Obligation Bonds, Series A

Barstow Unified School District

Invest in the Barstow Unified School District to help finance the repair, upgrading and construction of school property and facilities.

Issuance characteristics
  • Credit enhanced
  • Contains callable maturities
  • Federally tax exempt
  • General Obligation
  • Competitive sale

About this bond issuance

  • Purpose

    The Bonds are being issued by the District to (i) finance the repair, upgrading, acquisition, construction and equipping of certain District property and facilities and (ii) pay the costs of issuance of the Bonds.

  • Obligor

    Barstow Unified School District

  • Issuer

    Barstow Unified School District

  • Authority

    The Bonds are being issued pursuant to the provisions of Article 4.5 of Chapter 3 of Part 1 of Division 2 of Title 5 of the State Government Code, Article XIIIA of the State Constitution and pursuant to a resolution adopted by the Board on August 8, 2017 (the Resolution). The County has adopted a resolution pursuant to Section 15140(b) of the Education Code, which authorizes the District to issue the Bonds on its own behalf.

    The District received authorization at an election held on November 8, 2016, by the requisite 55% or more of the votes cast by eligible voters of the District to issue $39,000,000 aggregate principal amount of general obligation bonds (the 2016 Authorization). The Bonds are the first series of bonds issued under the 2016 Authorization, and, following the issuance there of, $24,000,000 of the 2016 Authorization will remain unissued.

  • Security

    The Bonds are general obligations of the District payable solely from ad valorem property taxes. The Board of Supervisors of the County is empowered and obligated to annually levy ad valorem property taxes upon all property subject to taxation by the District, without limitation as to rate or amount (except certain personal property which is taxable at limited rates), for the payment of principal of and interest on the Bonds when due. The levy may include allowance for an annual reserve, established for the purpose of avoiding fluctuating tax levies. The County, however, is not obligated to establish such a reserve, and the District can make no representation that such reserve will be established by the County or that such a reserve, if previously established by the County, will be maintained in the future.

    Such taxes will be levied annually in addition to all other taxes during the period that the Bonds are outstanding in an amount sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on the Bonds when due. Such taxes, when collected, will be placed by the County in the Debt Service Fund (as defined herein), which is required to be segregated and maintained by the County and which is designated for the payment of the Bonds, and interest thereon when due, and for no other purpose. Pursuant to the Resolution, the District has pledged funds on deposit in the Debt Service Fund to the payment of the Bonds. Although the County is obligated to levy ad valorem property taxes for the payment of the Bonds as described above, and will maintain the Debt Service Fund, none of the Bonds are a debt of the County.

    Pursuant to Section 53515 of the State Government Code, the Bonds will be secured by a statutory lien on all revenues received pursuant to the levy and collection of ad valorem property taxes for the payment thereof. The lien automatically attaches, without further action or authorization by the Board, and is valid and binding from the time the Bonds are executed and delivered. The revenues received pursuant to the levy and collection of the ad valorem property tax will be immediately subject to the lien, and such lien will be enforceable against the District, its successor, transferees and creditors, and all other parties asserting rights therein, irrespective of whether such parties have notice of the lien and without the need for physical delivery, recordation, filing or further act.

    The moneys in the Debt Service Fund, to the extent necessary to pay the principal of and interest on the Bonds as the same become due and payable, will be transferred to the Paying Agent. The PayingAgent will in turn remit the funds to DTC for remittance of such principal and interest to its Participants for subsequent disbursement to the Beneficial Owners of the Bonds.

    The amount of the annual ad valorem property taxes levied by the County to repay the Bonds will be determined by the relationship between the assessed valuation of taxable property in the District and the amount of debt service due on the Bonds in any year. Fluctuations in the annual debt service on theBonds and the assessed value of taxable property in the District may cause the annual tax rate to fluctuate. Economic and other factors beyond the District's control, such as general market decline in land values, disruption in financial markets that may reduce the availability of financing for purchasers of property, reclassification of property to a class exempt from taxation, whether by ownership or use (such as exemptions for property owned by the State and local agencies and property used for qualified education, hospital, charitable or religious purposes), or the complete or partial destruction of the taxable property caused by a natural or manmade disaster, such as earthquake, flood, fire, drought or toxic contamination, could cause a reduction in the assessed value of taxable property within the District and necessitate a corresponding increase in the annual tax rate. For further information regarding the District's assessed valuation, tax rates, overlapping debt, and other matters concerning taxation, see "CONSTITUTIONAL AND STATUTORY PROVISIONS AFFECTING DISTRICT REVENUES AND APPROPRIATIONS - Article XIIIA of the California Constitution" and "TAX BASE FOR REPAYMENT OF BONDS - Assessed Valuations" herein.

  • Special attributes

    Bonds are insured by Build America Mutual Assurance Co

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