New York City Transitional Finance
Authority Future Tax Secured
Subordinate Bonds Fiscal 2018 Series 1

New York City Transitional Finance Authority

Invest in New York City today. The proceeds of the bonds, when originally issued, were used for capital expenditures. Please review the offering documents under the documents tab for full details.

Issuance characteristics
  • Refunding
  • Not callable
  • Federally tax exempt
  • Revenue
  • Competitive sale

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Preliminary pricing information for this issuance has been released. Pricing is subject to change based on market conditions between now and the closing of the order period.

This issuance has 1 maturity option, 2022.

  • Maturity date 11/01/2022 Amount available $100K Coupon 5% Call features
    Approximate price 115.254 Credit enhancement No Order amount
Total investment