New York City Future Tax Secured
Subordinate Bonds Fiscal 2019 B-1, 1999
A-2, 2007 A-2

New York City Transitional Finance Authority

Invest in New York City! Every day, New York City makes capital investments in its parks, bridges, roads and schools so it continues to be a great place to live, work and visit. Proceeds from 2019 Series B-1 Bonds will be used to finance the City's capital plan; proceeds from 1999 Series A-2 & 2007 Series A-3 will convert variable bonds to fixed rate.

Issuance characteristics
  • Contains callable maturities
  • Federally tax exempt
  • Revenue
  • Negotiated sale

Can I sell the bonds if I don’t want them anymore?

Yes, bonds sold through Neighborly are book-entry bonds with registered CUSIPs, and therefore are tradeable in the secondary market in the same way as any other registered municipal security. Read more here.

Can I transfer my bond to another brokerage account?

Absolutely, after the sale is completed, Neighborly can transfer bonds to a brokerage account at another institution. Fees may apply. Read more here.

Is there an investment minimum or maximum?

The minimum investment is determined by the minimum denomination of the issuance. In the case of this financing, it is $5,000. If there is a maximum, refer to Sales Condition under Project details tab.

What other risks should I be aware of when investing in bonds?

Please review the risks section of the Preliminary Official Statement for more information.

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