City of Worcester, Massachusetts
General Obligation Bond Anticipation Notes

City Of Worcester MA

Invest in the City of Worcester, MA and earn tax-exempt interest! Proceeds will be used to provide temporary financing for projects including a new school, street construction and school repairs. Please see the offering document, posted under "Documents".

Issuance characteristics
  • Not callable
  • Federally tax exempt
  • General Obligation
  • Competitive sale

About this bond issuance

  • Purpose

    Provide temporary financing for a range of projects, including the new Nelson Place school, the new Blackstone Gateway Visitor Center Project, street construction, and school repairs.

  • Obligor

    City of Worcester, MA

  • Issuer

    City of Worcester, MA

  • Security

    The Notes are valid general obligations of the City of Worcester, Massachusetts and the principal of and interest on the Notes are payable from taxes which may be levied upon all property within the territorial limits of the City and taxable by it, subject to the limit imposed by Chapter 59, Section 21C of the Massachusetts General Laws, as amended, upon the amount of total taxes which may be assessed in any fiscal year on real estate and personal property within the City; provided that taxes levied on certain taxable property located within a development district established by the City pursuant to Chapter 40Q of the Massachusetts General Laws may be restricted and unavailable to pay the principal and interest on the Notes.

  • Trustee

    Paying Agent: U.S. Bank National Association, Boston, Massachusetts, or its successor

About the issuer

Contact information
455 Main Street Worcester MA 01608







Financing team

Neighborly Securities
Neighborly is the lead manager on this issuance.
Municipal Advisors
Bond Counsel