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Why issue with Neighborly?

Democratize access to your bond offerings.

By leveraging Neighborly's powerful platform, your community can make bonds available directly to residents, not just large institutional or experienced investors.

Enable more efficient, transparent transactions.

Individuals can open a free brokerage account and place orders through Neighborly Securities, a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Build a movement with multi-channel community marketing.

Neighborly helps you connect with residents and build effective marketing campaigns. From sophisticated digital platforms, to physical marketing assets, we'll use an array of touchpoints to help you market an upcoming deal.

Save money on financing projects.

The platform fee for issuing with Neighborly is about half the cost of the industry price.* Coupled with the low rates offered through municipal bonds and large deal economies of scale, you can save money on costs associated with borrowing.

*Includes spreads, takedown and underwriting fees.

Finance transformative projects

We're focused on helping finance transformative and world-positive projects that create more resilient communities and help build a better future for all of us. Explore some of the types of projects below.

Neighborly municipal broadband finance

Municipal broadband

Municipal broadband networks are the 21st century bridge that spur economic development, advance research, encourage innovation and create new growth opportunities for residents and businesses alike.

Explore municipal broadband
Neighborly microgrid finance


Microgrids are poised to transform our energy grid. We can and must make our communities more resilient to the changing climate. Municipalities have the power to build this resilience locally into their grid, while helping accelerate our collective transition to renewables.

Explore microgrids
Neighborly resilient infrastructure finance

Resilient infrastructure

Communities must focus on building more resilient infrastructure to ensure more adaptability and hazard mitigation for future generations.

Explore resilient infrastructure

Neighborly for Issuers

Learn how your city or community can work with Neighborly to democratize access to the municipal market and simplify the process of investment.

Select Neighborly transactions

  • Cambridge, MA
  • Burlington, VT
  • Lawrence, KS
  • State Public Works Board, CA
City of Cambridge, MA

General Obligation Bonds, 2017 Series A

Senior Manager

February 2017

Total number of orders
First-time bond buyers
Median order size
Bond buyer medal
2017 Deal of the Year Winner, Most Innovative Non-Traditional Financing

The beginnings of modern public finance.

In February 2017, Cambridge pioneered the beginning of something truly revolutionary – offering online tradable bonds directly to its constituents. The issuance was restricted to Cambridge residents with tight limits on maximum denominations to encourage more orders.

Read the case study View the OS

Neighborly is working with innovative issuers across the country.

In 2017, Neighborly served as an underwriter and selling group member for
negotiated and competitive bond transactions totaling over $9 billion.

  1. State of Oregon - Selling Group
  2. State of California - Underwriting Pool
  3. California State University - Co-Manager
  4. Lawrence, KS - Senior Manager
  5. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center - Selling Group
  6. Maryland Housing - Selling Group
  7. Burlington, VT - Senior Manager
  8. NY State Housing Finance Authority - Senior Manager
  9. Cambridge, MA - Senior Manager
  10. Somerville, MA - Competitive
  11. MA School Building Authority - Selling Group
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What issuers are saying about Neighborly*

Louis A. DePasquale

"We are also creating an opportunity for residents to directly purchase City of Cambridge municipal bonds for the first time…this will not only engage residents, but will make them a financial partner in our infrastructure improvements."

- Louis A. DePasquale, City Manager, Cambridge, MA
Source: 2017 State of the City Address

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Articles dedicated to issuers. Learn about Neighborly's work with public finance professionals and browse resources tailored to issuers to help you better understand the marketplace.

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