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What are Neighborly Bonds? How are they different?

Neighborly Bonds are traditional municipal securities. Using Neighborly’s technology platform, we can offer our issuer clients the ability to sell bonds in denominations lower than the traditionally utilized $5,000. Bonds sold through Neighborly will be available to retail bond buyers, millennial and first-time investors, in addition to those who have already joined the Neighborly Capital Network of professional retail investors, family offices, and institutional investors. Watch our explainer video now.

What projects are right for Neighborly Bonds?

At Neighborly, we love projects that positively impact communities. Ideal financings include those that support schools, create microgrids, tackle water scarcity, create resiliency, or benefit those in need. Think sustainable or green projects that would benefit from our technological economies of scale.

How does Neighborly protect issuers and investors?

As a registered broker-dealer, we’ve built technology with bank-grade security to meet all our requirements under 17a, including anti-fraud systems. We view Know Your Customer (KYC) as a minimum requirement. Our technology transforms KYC from a static and reactive to-do list into an opportunity to proactively build trust with investors. Neighborly enables issuers to attract a diverse array of investors, and manage ongoing investor relations seamlessly. Neighborly is not a municipal advisor, but we welcome your MA to the process.

What is the Neighborly issuance platform?

Neighborly simplifies the bond issuance process by using technology to connect issuers to members of their deal team through an origination platform for all steps involved with researching, structuring, marketing and closing a municipal bond transaction, including generation of all necessary legal documents. Neighborly’s technology enables direct investor participation making the municipal bond market more accessible to investors of all needs, from a parent buying a $100 muni bond for their child’s graduation to the world’s largest bond funds.

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