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City of Cambridge, MA

General Obligation Bonds, 2017 Series A

Senior Manager

February 2017

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2017 Deal of the Year Winner, Most Innovative Non-Traditional Financing

The beginnings of modern public finance.

In February 2017, Cambridge pioneered the beginning of something truly revolutionary – offering online tradable bonds directly to its constituents. The issuance was restricted to Cambridge residents with tight limits on maximum denominations to encourage more orders.

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Neighborly is working with issuers across the country.

From California to New England, we're excited to work with innovative issuers who are looking for ways to more directly connect with their constituents.

We're just getting started.

Neighborly for Issuers

Accross the country, issuers of municipal debt are using Neighborly's online platform to offer bonds direct to their own constituents. Learn how your city or community can work with Neighborly to democratize access to the municipal market and simplify the process of investment.

What issuers are saying about Neighborly*

Louis A. DePasquale

"We are also creating an opportunity for residents to directly purchase City of Cambridge municipal bonds for the first time…this will not only engage residents, but will make them a financial partner in our infrastructure improvements."

- Louis A. DePasquale, City Manager, Cambridge, MA
Source: 2017 State of the City Address

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Articles dedicated to issuers. Learn about Neighborly's work with public finance professionals and browse resources tailored to issuers to help you better understand the marketplace.

Bond buyer medal
2017 Deal of the Year Winner, Most Innovative Non-Traditional Financing
A case study in Cambridge, MA.
Neighborly's mission is to democratize access to the 200 year-old municipal bond market by utilizing technology to better connect municipal issuers to investors. And residents of Cambridge were the first ones to prove this possible.
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Neighborly is modernizing public finance.

We're a team of experienced public finance professionals and technologists dedicated to creating modern municipal financing solutions for our issuer clients. Our mission is to reduce the cost, time and complexity issuers face when selling municipal bonds, while increasing access to investors. By leveraging technology to connect issuers to investors, we streamline how people invest in where they live, work, study and play.

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