Cambridge, MA

General Obligation Bonds, 2017 Series A (Minibond Program)

Bond buyer medal
2017 Deal of the Year Winner, Most Innovative Non-Traditional Financing

In February 2017, Cambridge, Massachusetts pioneered the beginning of something truly revolutionary – offering online tradable bonds directly to its constituents.

Bonds have been publicly available for individuals to invest in for 200 years, but over the past few decades the number of households directly investing in municipal bonds has declined due to minimum investment requirements that make them less financially accessible and a lack of access to municipal bonds.

Cambridge decided to take a fresh approach by using Neighborly’s platform to enable a wide range of community members to invest in its bond issuance and engage directly in shaping the future of the city.

Issuance details

Cambridge plans to use the $2 million in proceeds as part of its larger capital plan to:

Renovate school buildings
Upgrade the energy efficiency of municipal facilities
Update city parks
Implement the City’s Complete Streets plan
Cambridge, MA issuance in the news

Cambridge to offer minibonds to small investors

- Boston Globe, January 2017
Connecting to customers

Multi-channel community marketing and engagement.

Neighborly and the City Manager’s office worked together to connect with Cambridge residents, leveraging Neighborly’s multi-channel marketing expertise and the City Manager’s local expertise. The engagement campaign ranged from sophisticated digital platforms, such as social media, search marketing and email, to high-visibility physical marketing assets, such as posters, postcards, door hangers and stickers.

Postcards sent


Town hall attendees


"We are also creating an opportunity for residents to directly purchase City of Cambridge municipal bonds for the first time…this will not only engage residents, but will make them a financial partner in our infrastructure improvements."*

Louis A. DePasquale, City Manager, Cambridge, MA
Source: 2017 State of the City Address

Increasing market participation
A summary of Cambridge bond orders.
In the first two weeks of the issuance process, more than 500 Cambridge residents applied for Neighborly brokerage accounts. The issuance sold out in less than three business days to more than 230 Cambridge residents.
Individual signups
Total number of orders
Democratizing access

Percentage of orders by zip code

Investing in community.

From East Cambridge to Porter Square, Neighbors invested their money back into their community. Community engagement spanned generations, from graduate students to retirees.

Over a third of investors were investing in municipal bonds for the first time. Order sizes were limited to $20K and restricted to the five zip codes of Cambridge. More than half of the bond orders were less than $5k each. In the traditional bond market, these investors would have been locked out, unable to meet the typical minimum denomination threshold.

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