Hi, I’m Andrew, Neighborly’s newest neighbor. I’ll be working on special projects and strategic initiatives with Jase Wilson, our CEO.

I recently graduated from Stanford University, where I earned degrees in Philosophy and Mathematical & Computational Science, and am currently on leave from my master’s in Computer Science. In the past I’ve worked in private equity and technology investment banking at Morgan Stanley, and macroeconomic research at Bridgewater Associates.

Having experienced the financial industry firsthand, I’ve seen how capital allocation plays a crucial role in society. Capital that is invested effectively can vastly improve our quality of life. It helps businesses, individuals, and communities achieve their objectives and creates new wealth and opportunities.

However, capital can only be invested efficiently if we as investors have transparent access to data and investment opportunities. That’s why I’m excited to be joining Neighborly, where we’re bringing transparency and access to public finance, the engine that powers our cities and communities every day.