Neighborly is changing the way you invest in the places and civic projects you care about. You should have direct access to high-quality, tax-exempt investment opportunities in your backyard. The chance to comfortably invest in something you can believe in, something you can reach out and touch. Without the need to be an accredited investor. Without needing a PhD in finance. And without spending as much as three years worth of returns in fees while doing it.

Over the last two years worth of conversations — and we’ve had hundreds of them to date, with representatives of every aspect of this market — a clear pattern has emerged.  It looks like this:

Bonds Are Sold, Not Bought!

Nearly everyone is happy about us building a modern public finance platform. Where people like you can invest directly in the places and the civic projects you love: things like schools, parks, citywide wifi, bike lanes… whatever. And where cities like yours can reach out to you directly when such investment opportunities arise.

Nearly everyone, except for the middlemen who currently make money from you not being able to do this.

“This won’t work. Bonds are sold, not bought!” they remind us. Over, and over, and over again.

Despite some evidence to the contrary, they’re mostly right. But it wasn’t always that way. That is what happens when you take over a market that was once for, of, and by regular folks. When you turn what used to be one of simplest investments into one of the most convoluted. When you hide something that was once a fundamental part of civic life from all but the biggest buyers.

How Then?

Part crowdfunding. Part peer to peer. Part getting back to basics. Part blockchain for bonds. It’s complicated for us, but will be simple for you. And wildly entertaining. If you want to be among the first to earn tax-exempt income by investing directly in the places and civic projects you love, stay tuned.