Hello, hello! I'm Coty, Neighborly's newest product designer.

A bit about me: I've spent a career navigating different domains using experience and systems design to connect individuals with complex technologies. I've been incredibly lucky to work at companies and on projects of all sizes ranging from medical device interfaces, first-response tools, fantasy football, robotics and even bobbleheads. Many of the challenges were being solved by only a handful of people, which is where I tend to gravitate. There's something incredibly exciting about solving problems on the forefront, which is where design is needed most.

Design is the bridge between tools that humanity is capable of creating and the reality of actually wielding them. Without a thoughtful pathway to interface with powerful technology, we as a society will accomplish less. As a designer, I feel there's a duty to help create the most good possible through the use of technology.

This is why I joined Neighborly.

It's incredibly compelling to be a part of a team who cares about empowering cities that are paving the way for the future. If we can catalyze innovation at local levels, those insights grow the civic knowledge that communities around the world can utilize.

I believe our cities will become increasingly important in the creation of new technologies and infrastructure. They have a unique ability to craft experiments that will help bridge inequality, solve environmental challenges and influence responsible ways to sustain growing populations. To me, that's a big deal and a great responsibility. It's certainly an endeavor worth working on.

Neighborly was created in my hometown of Kansas City and I've watched the company grow through the years. As the Neighborhood grew, I've been continually impressed by the increasingly complicated challenges they've tackled.

I can't wait to see what we'll accomplish next.