So you’ve signed up as an individual investor on Neighborly. What’s next?

This week we launched the new individual investor dashboard to help get you started. Here’s an overview.


Walk through the investing experience

We’re launching new investment opportunities in several new cities in the next year, starting with Austin, Burlington, Housing Trust Silicon Valley, Lawrence and Somerville – the winners of the Neighborly Bonds Challenge.

Before we open investments, you can try out the investing experience by trying a demo issuance page. This is where you’ll find all the information on an investment opportunity and have the chance to simulate an investment decision.

Have questions? We’re all ears.


Learn about bonds

If you’re reading this article you may already be familiar with the Neighborly Learning Center, but if not, head to now to read about the latest in public finance, tips on investing and updates on Neighborly. Need some Bonds 101? Start with our Beginners’ Guide to Municipal Bonds.


Bring Neighborly to your city

Is your city one of the seven Neighborly Bonds Challenge winners? If so, great news – you’ll have the opportunity to invest in the coming months. We’ll be posting updates on the timing of those opportunities as soon as it is available. Make sure your zip code and information is up to date by editing your profile.

If your city wasn’t one of the winners, let us know you’d like to invest by contacting us. Also don’t forget to check your zip code in your profile. We’re more likely to work with cities where we have a large concentration of Neighbors. Want to build more support in your local area? Ask your friends and neighbors to sign up!