Greetings Civic Leader,

First, thank you for your commitment to public service. We understand that leading and managing a municipal government can be challenging, especially in times of political and economic uncertainty. Financing the projects your community wants and needs should be simple and transparent.

It is in this spirit that we are launching the Neighborly Bonds Challenge, a first of its kind competition to transform municipal finance by leveraging technology to radically reduce the cost, time, and complexity you face when selling municipal bonds. Our platform creates unprecedented transparency for you as the issuer, and transforms who can invest in the bonds you issue.

Like you, we believe in a world in which your community can create the projects you want and need, entirely on your terms. That’s why we built Neighborly: to modernize access to public finance. So you can borrow what you need, when you need it. Best of all, your community members are first in line to invest in the place where they live, work, study, and play.

Guided by the simple idea that public finance should be safe, simple, and accessible, Neighborly is built by a team of experienced public finance professionals and technologists, from the ground up with compliance and bank grade security in mind.

Winners of the Neighborly Bonds Challenge receive a complete issuance platform, from origination to issuance and beyond, with  issuance fees waived. Neighborly will offer document generation services, tax opinion from a leading bond counsel firm, investor marketing, pricing, sales and closing, as well as continuing disclosure and investor relations. A complete, robust and rigorously marketed financing for free.

On behalf of the entire Neighborly team, I invite you to apply today at We look forward to learning about the exciting projects or ideas you have for the future of your community.

Best Regards,

Jase Wilson

CEO, Neighborly