public finance.

Neighborly gives you access to the multi-trillion dollar municipal bond market that funds vital civic projects like schools, libraries and parks.

Environmental Impact Bond Challenge

Apply now to join the future of sustainability.

Environmental Impact Bonds Challenge

This fall, two cities will become the first to issue publicly offered Environmental Impact Bonds, supported by the Rockefeller Foundation. Cities, municipalities and agencies that are interested in using innovative financing techniques to pilot resilience projects are encouraged to apply to the Environmental Impact Bond Challenge.

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You invest for yourself.

You may be new to municipal bonds, have invested in them indirectly through financial products like mutual funds or a 401k, or you may have bought bonds for yourself in the past. Whatever your experience level, we’ve got you covered!

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A case study in Cambridge, MA.

Neighborly's mission is to democratize access to the 200 year-old municipal bond market by utilizing technology to better connect municipal issuers to investors. And residents of Cambridge were the first ones to prove this possible.

Neighborly democratizes access to the municipal market and simplifies the process of investment. This service contrasts with the traditional method of investing through the use of a broker which can be more costly and time-consuming.
— California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission