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City of Worcester, Massachusetts General Obligation Bond Anticipation Notes

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New York State Housing Finance Agency - Affordable Housing Revenue Bonds 2017 Series H & I

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Past offering

City of Chicago O'Hare International Airport 2017 General Airport Senior Lien Revenue Refunding Bonds

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What are municipal bonds?

Ever wondered how your local school paid for its last construction project? Or how San Francisco funded the building of the Golden Gate Bridge? The answer? With help from people like you.

American cities borrow hundreds of billions of dollars annually through municipal bonds to finance critical civic projects like schools, parks, bridges and water systems.

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Investing in your city means fewer sleepless nights.

Municipal bonds give you tax-free returns that are more stable than the stock market.

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A case study in Cambridge, MA.

Neighborly's mission is to democratize access to the 200 year-old municipal bond market by utilizing technology to better connect municipal issuers to investors. And residents of Cambridge were the first ones to prove this possible.

Neighborly democratizes access to the municipal market and simplifies the process of investment. This service contrasts with the traditional method of investing through the use of a broker which can be more costly and time-consuming.
— California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission