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Improve your city by investing in the issues you care about and earn tax-free returns.

Launching Summer 2015

Investing in your city means fewer sleepless nights

Municipal bonds give you tax-free returns that are more stable than the stock market

Imagine you had $5,000 to invest in 1995. You had the choice between the stock market, a regular savings account, and municipal bonds. How did the choice you made affect you?

Here are four questions you should ask.
How much do I have today?$15,707$8,454$16,505
Did I sleep well during the two financial crises?
Did I get a good return?
Were my returns tax free?

Stock returns are based on the S&P 500 index. Bond returns are based on the Barclays Municipal Bond Index. Savings returns are based on average rates of 1-year certificates of deposit, using data from Jumbo CDs Inc. Post-tax returns were calculated using the example of an individual earning $100,000 per year, paying federal income tax on savings income and capital gains tax on stock market gains.

Making financial decisions for tomorrow is hard. Investing in your city doesn't have to be.

Investing in municipal bonds unlocks returns that go far beyond the financial benefits you'll receive. You're also building infrastructure you will rely on every day, increasing the real estate value of your city, and developing a stronger, happier future for generations of your community.

How it Works

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This summer, Neighborly is reinventing bond investing.

Cities have used bonds for the past 200 years to finance projects from the Golden Gate Bridge to your local schools. From summer 2015, Neighborly is making investing in your city easier and more personalized than ever before.

Sign up today to secure your place on the waitlist. Share your referral code to move up in the queue and qualify for commission-free investments.

The market has been waiting for Neighborly. Until now, individuals paid stiff broker fees and a high spread to access bonds. Neighborly gives investors and issuers direct access to each other. Win-win.

Robert Litan, Former Head of Research, Bloomberg Government