At Neighborly we believe that aligning your team and work around core values is critical to serving users and solving problems that matter. This thinking is most essential in the public sector so we’d like to take a moment to celebrate some of the public agencies from around the US who are championing values similar to ours.   

Here are our top five company core values:

  1. Promote data transparency to foster better decision making
  2. Digitize paper-driven processes to save time and money
  3. Prioritize superb user experience in all our products and services
  4. Ensure the highest data security for our users
  5. Be agile and collaborative

How do we embody these values and which agencies impressed us most with their similar thinking?

Promote Data Transparency to Foster Better Decision Making

At Neighborly we believe democratizing siloed data will enhance how people make investment decisions. How can you make good decisions if you don’t have all the information? The Center for Government Excellence at John Hopkins University feels similarly. It provided support for over 150 cities in 2015 by harnessing its thought leaders to help implement and enhance proper data collection, analysis, and data use in public policy. Thumbs up, guys!

Digitize a Paper-Driven Industry to Save Time and Money

The municipal bond market is bogged down with the time and cost of having to populate paper-heavy forms. Neighborly is saving trees as well as  time and money by bringing data together in one place, and making it easy to access and manipulate – no printers required! Lubbock County took a similar approach to its jury selection process, saving thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and many headaches. Hear, hear!

Prioritize Excellent User Experience in Our Products and Services

Finance pros conduct activities like filing disclosure updates or collecting tax information about an issuer multiple times a day. Right now these tasks take several hours, hunting and pecking for data on dozens of websites. Neighborly believes this information should be clear and easy for everyone to access – pros and investors alike. The EPA was facing a similar issue – thousands of companies were filing mandatory environmental compliance updates with different agencies in different formats. So the EPA designed E-Enterprise for the Environment, a user friendly experience that allowed for seamless data entry. Way to go EPA!

Ensure High Data Security for Our Users

Financial data is very personal and Neighborly believes this data deserves maximum security. Your trust and safety is our highest priority. The White House agrees, and is now mandating government agencies to improve their cybersecurity. We agree  that hiring the right personnel, allocating sufficient budget, and promoting intelligence sharing are the ways to move forward on creating secure platforms.

At Neighborly, security is a top priority.

Encourage an Agile Internal Workflow

Our business, product, and development teams collaborate very closely – we stand together in the same room, refining our thinking and co-learning together rapidly. This agile workflow is common in tech companies and now, we can celebrate the California state government adopting this thinking. As a result of the new agile methodology, the state of California has saved the state over $1 million dollars and educated over 2000 employees!

Agile for the win!

We look forward to seeing more government and public sector agencies share our values in 2016. If you work in public finance, we’d love to hear about the values that drive your work. Email us at