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Our Values

Social Impact.

We believe all communities are created equally. We’re using technology to empower people to build a better and fairer world.


We believe that knowledge sharing and transparency are essential to build trust and confidence within ourselves and our communities.


We’re a team with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and interests, united by our passion to improve lives and help communities.

Our Neighborhood is greater than the sum of its Neighbors.

We combine the expertise of Wall Street, the innovation of Silicon Valley and local perspectives from all around our nation and the world.

We are engineers, designers, product people, sales people, business people and finance experts who have worked with leading financial institutions, technology organizations and governments, united by our desire to serve communities.

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"Our challenge is to help create access and transparency for everyone from an individual to an institution in a system that, from the surface, is invisible to most of us."

- Liz Roffey, Lead designer

Life in the Neighborhood

We are better together.

We believe in pair work for product design and engineering, and a culture of constructive critique with rapid iteration.

We are good sharers.

We strongly encourage our team to contribute to the open source community and to advance initiatives that promote awareness of public finance and economic development.

We work and play hard.

All Neighbors benefit from comprehensive healthcare coverage, catered meals, biannual retreats and flexible vacation time.